Electrical Fire Safety

30 March 2019

Electrics are one of the main causes of domestic fires in the UK, and many people accidentally overlook or misuse electric equipment. There are many factors to consider when using electrics, and it is important to implement them as soon as possible in order to make your workplace, home and other site of interest as safe as it can be. OVERLOADExtension leads and adaptors all have limits as to ... Read more

Fire Safety in the Workplace

18 March 2019

Those responsible for offices and workplaces to which the public have access can easily prevent fires by adopting specific procedures and the right behaviour. Fires need three things to start- a source of ignition (whether it be lighting, heater or something that can get hot), a source of fuel (wood, plastic, material etc) and oxygen. There are many different steps employees and employers can ... Read more

What are the major Office Fire Hazards?

04 March 2019

Offices are hubs of creativity, ingenuity and team-work. They are the heart of a business, and of significant importance to all who work within them. Most staff haven't undertaken the necessary fire safety training and aren’t aware of the common fire hazards found in an office. Minimising the risks associated with fires can lead to a safe and quick evacuation, which could ultimately save lives. ... Read more