Importance of Fire Protection

11 January 2019

Who needs a fire alarm?Quite simply, the vast majority of commercial premises and buildings of multiple occupancy, such as a block of flats, houses, offices etc, should all have a good fire alarm system. Most fire alarms are designed for two different purposes- protection of life and protection of property. The three types of fire alarm systems are conventional, addressable and wireless. A ... Read more

Preventing Christmas Tree Fires

01 December 2018

 How to Prevent a Christmas Tree FireWith the days getting closer and closer to Christmas, families are getting ready to put their presents under the tree, hoping to spread some festive cheer over the joyous period. As the nights get darker and colder, you will want to keep your house nice and warm, and place seasonal decor all over your home. However, anyone with a Christmas tree should be ... Read more

Keeping Safe from Fires During The Cold

08 November 2018

 Keeping Warm In The ColdIn the build-up to the festive period, many people will be enjoying merriment with their family, and as the nights get colder, you will want to keep nice and warm. It is important to take the correct steps in ensuring you are protected. November, December and January are the peak months for heating fires, and it is vital to keep the risk of a fire at bay.We have ... Read more