Carbon Monoxide: The Effects & Dangers

29 April 2019

 How dangerous is Carbon Monoxide?Carbon monoxide is a poisonous, and highly fatal gas that can become deadly within a matter of minutes. Often referred to as the ‘silent killer’, around 4000 people every year in the UK go to A&E with carbon monoxide poisoning. Whilst the gas itself is very dangerous, carbon monoxide poisoning is completely avoidable, and you follow simple steps to limit ... Read more

Keeping Safe During the Warm Weather

19 April 2019

With summer just around the corner, and the weather constantly getting slightly warmer, it’s almost time for everyone to begin hosting barbecues, going camping, catching a tan and making the most of the warmth. Whilst it is important to have fun and to enjoy all that the sunny weather presents, knowing how to limit the risk of fires is vital. There are many different aspects of fire safety in ... Read more

Electrical Fire Safety

30 March 2019

Electrics are one of the main causes of domestic fires in the UK, and many people accidentally overlook or misuse electric equipment. There are many factors to consider when using electrics, and it is important to implement them as soon as possible in order to make your workplace, home and other site of interest as safe as it can be. OVERLOADExtension leads and adaptors all have limits as to ... Read more