Keeping Safe During the Warm Weather

19 April 2019
Keeping Safe During the Warm Weather

With summer just around the corner, and the weather constantly getting slightly warmer, it’s almost time for everyone to begin hosting barbecues, going camping, catching a tan and making the most of the warmth. Whilst it is important to have fun and to enjoy all that the sunny weather presents, knowing how to limit the risk of fires is vital. There are many different aspects of fire safety in summer time that everyone needs to be aware of, and there are many different causes of fires which can be stopped.



One of the most popular summer features is the classic Barbecue. Millions of people each year fire up the grill, cook food and enjoy some outdoor dining. However, there are great risks associated with the lack of care and attention to barbecues. To limit the possibility of fires starting, you should never leave your barbecue unattended- you must always be in control, and if you need to leave, either find someone responsible to replace your position, or turn it off. You should empty any and all ashes onto bare soil and avoid bins as the contents could catch fire. Wait until the barbecue has cooled down before moving it, keeping it away from any trees and shrubs. Make sure to turn the gas tap off before changing the cylinder, and all children and pets should be kept far away.



Relaxing and telling stories around a campfire late at night in summer is one of life’s most simple pleasures. Whether you want some extra warmth, light or to roast marshmallows, you must ensure that you keep a radius of between 10-12 feet between the fire and any tents or furniture. Someone should always watch the fire to keep it under control and ensure there are now low-hanging branches above the area of the fire- these can catch fire easily and if they’re dry can spread fires rapidly. You must create a barrier around the fire, either with rocks or by creating a pit, and it’s recommended to keep water nearby to extinguish the flames fully before retiring to bed. Do not leave the fire going overnight, unless there is someone watching it, as it is unpredictable.



Holidays in a caravan are still a very popular excursion for people all over the UK, but similarly to camping, all fire safety procedures should be followed, and be treated with respect in order to avoid accidents. It is important that your caravan is fitted with a working smoke alarm, which you should test regularly. Don’t smoke inside of the caravan and dispose of any cigarettes efficiently and correctly in designated bins and areas. Ensure that the caravan is well-ventilated and never bring a barbecue inside, leave it outside and extinguish it outside.



When the weather is nice and warm, the idea of going out to sea on either your own or a hired boat can seem thrilling and a whole lot of fun, which it is. Make sure smoke alarms are fitted, and furnishings and foam insulations are fire retardant. A fire action plan should be made, and the crew/other with you should be made aware of what to do if there is a fire. Check there are fire extinguishers in the cockpit locker and in other locations onboard. You should never smoke on a small boat due to the enclosed space and avoid cooking/using barbecues as they are dangerous on a boat. Make sure you know how to use emergency equipment and know how to contact the coastguard or the fire and rescue service from the boat. There should be multiple lifejackets, so ensure all crew have easy access to them.



It’s easy to forget that fires can spread easily, and just being considerate can limit any risks. Never throw cigarette ends out of the car window, they could start fires and ruin surrounding countryside. Same goes for any rubbish and waste, as they could ignite and burn quite easily. Don’t leave bottles or glass in woodlands as sunlight can shine through and start a fire. Take them home and dispose of them properly. Never leave any electrical devices or powered devices outside for too long as they can overheat and easily catch alight. Make sure to turn any fans off when not in use to stop them from gathering dust and overheating. Never leave any items that contain compressed gasses, whether it be deodorant or hairspray, in the window sill, as these could explode.

It is important to take extra precautions when it comes to preventing fires, and whilst having fun is high on your list of priorities for summer, your safety and the safety of others has to come top. By following these simple steps, hopefully you will know how best to limit any risk of fires, and can safely enjoy all that the warmer weather has to offer. To find out more about the fire protection packages we offer, visit out packages page. We can also install fire extinguishers, alarms, lights and signs, and can provide fire training to staff, in order to make everyone aware of the dangers of fires in the workplace, and how to prevent them and handle them effectively.

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