The information that is collected and held by us, is solely to enable us to contact customers to carry out fire safety advice, including training and maintenance and to enable us to provide quotes for customers that  have expressed an interest in our services.

The customers information is held securely by WJ Fire in line with our GDPR policy while we continue to provide services. Financial and technical information is held for 6 years.

We don’t share information with any other company


Data Retention Requirements

Personal customer data: personal customer data will be held for as long as individual is a customer of the company, plus a further six years.

Personal employee data: general employee data will be held for the duration of employment and then for six years after the last day of the employee’s contracted employment.

Tax payments will be held for six years.

Records of leave will be held for three years.

Recruitment details: interview notes of unsuccessful candidates will be held for one year after interview. This personal data will then be destroyed.

Planning data will be held for seven years.

Health and safety data will be held for seven years for records of major accidents and dangerous occurrences.

Public data will be retained for three years.

Operational data: most company data will fall in this category. Operational data will be retained for six years.

Critical data, including tax and VAT, must be retained by law for six years.

Confidential data: Confidential will be retained for seven years