Importance of Emergency Lighting

03 September 2019
Importance of Emergency Lighting

Most people’s first thoughts aren’t of emergency lighting when safety proofing a building, but in some cases it can really save lives. In case of a power outage or a crisis this lighting will stay on to help you navigate safely. Here we will explain the true importance of safety lighting and the benefits in an emergency situation. 

Solution to Darkness

Probably the first and most underrated reason for installing emergency lighting on your premise is that in an event of a power outage these back ups might be your only source of light. Sounds obvious right? But when the lights suddenly go out, naturally the loss of sight will panic and disorientate most people. With the help of safety lighting there will be no need for that initial panic and will prevent other potential incidents occurring as a result. 

Saving Time

Time is a critical factor in emergencies and if you are unable to see, then this can massively hinder you when trying to exit the premises quickly. Especially in a fire or similar critical situation, where you could be inhaling too much smoke or near somewhere with serious structural damage, time really can make all the difference. You may become confused and locating the nearest exit could become difficult, so a source of light could be life-saving during evacuation –  keeping your employees and customers calm and safe while being easily able to get to the exit. 


If you have multi-storey properties then this can also pose potential hazards. Stairs will often be the main access point for entering and exiting the building, and if you have not got sufficient safety lighting installed in the stairwell then this will make it tricky to navigate in low visibility. 

Debris and Trip Hazards

Debris is a real danger and can be scattered as a result of an emergency situation, which can easily obstruct your departure – even if you know the layout like the back of your hand! So being able to see where you are stepping will help you to avoid trips, falls or other hazards and evacuate the building quickly.

Emergency Services

It is not only a direct benefit to you but also indirectly for the Emergency Services in the case of them needing to access the site. If they are trying to retrieve the injured or navigate in poor visibility, the addition of light will help them do their jobs – and potentially save lives. It is unlikely that they will be familiar with the layout of your premise, so the lighting will help to guide them through the building and save time. 


Even if the power is still on in an event of a fire or other such situations, safety lighting is distinguishable against other lighting, especially for those that aren’t familiar with the premises. Namely when trying to access an emergency exit, most recognise the universal green exit light and so helping everyone to get a swift and safe exit. 

WJ Fire can supply and install a variety of emergency lights and illuminated exit signs to ensure the safety of staff and customers in the event of a loss of power, so for more information why not give us a call on 01420 476071 or email us at info@wjfire.co.uk to see what we can do to help. Or to find out more visit our Emergency Lighting page. 

Keeping Emergency Lighting maintained is also crucial, as you can never anticipate when you will need to use it. We offer this service with the annual 3 hour discharge test. Also W J Fire can offer a monthly test for your company, which must be carried out in accordance with BS5266.