Working with Flammable Substances

22 February 2019

It is hard to predict when a fire might start, but it is straight-forward to predict what may cause it. It is very important to have a fire protection plan in place, should a fire break out, and especially for when dealing with flammable substances. By using flammable substances, you increase the chance of a fire being started, and it is essential to know how to stay safe, and how to deal with ... Read more

The Effectiveness of Fire Drills

02 February 2019

Whether you work in an office, school, factory, club or retail outlet, fire drills are an important part of workplace safety, and aim to protect everyone from the devastating consequences of a fire. Fire drills are an indirect, but significant form of fire protection that are often viewed as an inconvenience. Their intent is to make an evacuation as simple and efficient as possible, whilst ... Read more

Importance of Fire Protection

11 January 2019

Who needs a fire alarm?Quite simply, the vast majority of commercial premises and buildings of multiple occupancy, such as a block of flats, houses, offices etc, should all have a good fire alarm system. Most fire alarms are designed for two different purposes- protection of life and protection of property. The three types of fire alarm systems are conventional, addressable and wireless. A ... Read more