Potential fire risks that you may have overlooked

02 September 2016
Potential fire risks that you may have overlooked

With Samsung making the news today due to their new Galaxy 7 device catching fire when on charge, we ask the question, how many potential fire risks are there in the workplace?

Most people now carry mobile phones, tablets and laptops in office environments. With these kinds of devices being important to the running of many businesses they may be just one of many potential hazards in the event of a fire, if not the cause of a fire themselves.

We often see charging cables for phones and laptops reaching from wall sockets to desks. Mobile phones are sometimes left unattended as they charge which as can see from today’s news, this may not be good practice.

Choosing WJ Fire to perform a fire risk assessment on your premises will ensure that all potential hazards are highlighted, therefore reducing the risks to staff and customers.

If you would like to talk to someone about fire safety services tailored for your business please contact us and we would be happy to help.

*image: Samsung