Keeping Safe During the Cold Weather

08 November 2018
Keeping Safe During the Cold Weather


Keeping Warm In The Cold

In the build-up to the festive period, many people will be enjoying merriment with their family, and as the nights get colder, you will want to keep nice and warm. It is important to take the correct steps in ensuring you are protected. November, December and January are the peak months for heating fires, and it is vital to keep the risk of a fire at bay.

We have some helpful tips to prevent a fire in the upcoming cold months.


Safety Tips

  • Fire guards– When an open fire is in use, make sure to always have a fire guard, as they can protect against sparks.
  • Unplug and air– When leaving the room or going to bed, unplug your electric heater, and make sure they are only used in well-ventilated areas, as they consume oxygen.
  • Dry– Never use electric heaters to dry clothes.
  • Test– Test electric blankets and heaters every 3 years, and follow the manufacturers instructions.
  • New– Try to buy new heaters, as second-hand ones will come with wear and tear, and are more than likely full of dust.
  • Thatched– If you live in a thatched house, fit smoke alarms in the loft and make sure they are connected with other alarms in the house. Also, don’t burn rubbish or garden waste near the house, and never light fireworks near the property.
  • Clothes– It is important to read clothing labels, especially on sleepwear, to see if they are fire retardant.
  • Tree– Around Christmas time, always place your tree away from an heaters or fires, and away from electrical sockets.
  • Plan– Identify the best exits in the house, and have a plan devised in advance. For example, knowing the best exits from each room, teaching children how to call firefighters etc.
  • Cooking– Cooking is the one of the single biggest causes of house fires, so it is vital to ensure you never leave anything unattended in the kitchen. Check everything is turned off once you have finished.
  • Chimney– Clean the chimney before the first fire of the season.
  • Bed– Make sure an electric blanket and hot water bottle aren’t both used in a bed, as these are very dangerous when used together.
  • Alarms– Checking your smoke alarms is vital, and you should test them every month or so.


Although having fun as the year draws to close is a priority, keeping you and your family safe from fires is vital. Make sure you take the correct precautions, and follow the steps to be better suited at keeping warm safely during the cold.