Install Emergency Lighting

16 November 2015
Install Emergency Lighting

Where does your business stand on emergency lighting? Have you got them installed? If not then it is vital to have them installed by a professional who can both install and advise accordingly. Emergency lighting is key to any business whether you’re situated in an office, workshop or warehouse. Here at W J Fire we are more than happy to come to your workplace to asses and install emergency lighting.

We cover the entirety of Surrey and Hampshire when it comes to fire safety, whether it’s servicing fire equipment or installing emergency lighting – we take it very seriously. 

The reason for emergency lighting in your building is to ensure that you have safely lit escape routes should a fire break out. Depending on your workplace, you can have emergency lit signs or LED walkways, both of which can be effective when people are in a panic. 

If you have an incident and the building loses the main power, then the emergency lighting will come on and offer low level lighting for safe evacuation. Having a safe route highlighted by emergency lighting could be the difference between escaping safely and risking your life. Our emergency lighting will last at least 3 hours to allow the building to be fully evacuated safely.

Our experts can survey, supply and install a variety of emergency lighting solutions, including maintained and non-maintained bulkhead fittings to the current British standard BS5266.