How To Install A Fire Alarm?

12 October 2015
How To Install A Fire Alarm?

Are you wondering how to install a fire alarm?

Having enough fire alarms in your home is undoubtedly important, but installing them correctly is even more important than having them in your home. Surviving a fire in your home or business will come down to your fire alarm systems. If you don’t have enough fire alarms then you may not know there is a fire until it is too late.

Here are a few tips to finding and installing a fire alarm.

Firstly when choosing a smoke alarm you should always pick one that has the label of a recognized testing laboratory. You should install smoke alarms inside each bedroom, outside each sleeping level as well as on every level of a home (including the basement). On upper levels that may not have bedrooms you should install the fire alarm in the living room or on the stairs which lead to the upper level. Smoke alarms in the basement should be on installed on the ceiling at the bottom of the stairs on the next level. Smoke alarms should also be installed 10 feet or 3 metres from a cooking area to minimise the false alarms that may occur.

These are just a few tips to installing a fire alarm, if you feel this is too much for you to remember then you could always play it safe and call the experts. Our fire and fire alarms experts here at WJ Fire would be more than willing to help.