Fire Extinguishers in the workplace

22 January 2012
Fire Extinguishers in the workplace

Fire Extinguishers are an essential item for all types of workplaces such as offices, shops, hotels, restaurants and leisure premises. It is your responsibility to ensure that all persons working or visiting your premises are as safe as possible during the risk of a fire. Gone are the days of the traditional water fire extinguishers.

There are now various different types of fire extinguishers available to deal with all variants of fire. 

Dry powder extinguishers are used to tackle such things as electrical hazards, flammable liquids and gases, water fire extinguishers are used against burning materials like wood, paper and fabric and a spray form extinguisher is used to fight petrol and other volatile liquids. The fully FETA trained technicians at WJ Fire Protection Services are able to identify your needs and ensure that the correct fire extinguishers are appropriately provided. 

Covering a large area including Aldershot, Basingstoke, Camberley, Crondall, Farnborough, Farnham, Fleet, Hampshire, Odiham and all of Surrey, they are knowledgeable and experienced in fire safety right across the UK. 

If you would like further information regarding the various fire extinguishers and advice available do not hesitate to contact the team at WJ Fire Protection Services.