Do you use your Tumble Dryer overnight?

30 May 2018
Do you use your Tumble Dryer overnight?

*More than 100 Creda, Hotpoint, Indesit, Proline and Swan tumble dryer models (all brands owned by Whirlpool) made between April 2004 and October 2015 could pose a fire risk.

The fault in the dryers could lead to fires if excess fluff comes into contact with the heating element. 

It’s known that at least 750 fires have been reported since 2004 that involved affected Creda, Hotpoint, Indesit and Proline dryers.

Trading standards has issued two enforcement notices on Whirlpool, forcing the company to warn you to unplug and not use the faulty machines. Whirlpool are now saying that if you have an affected machine you must unplug it immediately and do not use it until it’s been fixed.

Whirlpool has an ongoing programme to replace or repair fire-risk machines across the UK that have been registered with the company.

It is our recommendation that you do not run your tumble dryer at night to reduce the risk of fires in the home. Use your device during the evening and ensure it has finished its cycle by the time you go to bed. Alternatively you can put it on the timer to come on in the morning once you are awake. That reduces the risk of fire in the home especially when you are asleep.

Fire prevention topics such as this are covered in our staff basic fire awareness and fire warden training. If you would like to book a course or need more information please click on the link below.


*This information was taken from an article on the Which Consumer Rights website.