Company Fire Training courses

22 September 2011
Company Fire Training courses

WJ Fire Protection Services are able to provide the expert company fire training that your employees need in order to adhere to this legislation.

Offering two different courses, WJ Fire Protection services aim to provide company fire training that extends general fire safety and awareness training and can do so with the minimum of disruption to your normal routine.

Company fire training courses take between 1 hour and half a day and can range from just a couple of staff, up to 20 delegates at one time.

Each candidate receives certified recognition on their knowledge of fire prevention methods, the theory of fire, case study exercises, evacuation procedures, human behaviour in the event of a fire and an array of other topics needed to be covered in order to practice safe fire fighting.

Company fire training is a necessity and WJ Fire Protection services are more than keen to get every company up and running with their essential fire training.

If you are an employer who needs to ensure they carry out company fire training, you should get in touch with the team at WJ Fire Protection Services by calling 01252 850091.